14 years and 1300 books figuring out how to do what I love. So you don't have to.

How to become financially successful doing what you love to create? Diversify income sources? Travel the world?

8/21/20232 min read

I spent 14 years and read 1300 books to become financially successful doing what I love. So you don’t have to.

At 21, I graduated college with a world-class degree. The path ahead seemed straight. Small caveat.

The entire get up at 7 am, hit snooze 3 times, drag myself out of bed, make coffee and eggs, sit through traffic to get to work, 8 hours in one building under artificial lighting, commute back home, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat, sounded OFF. In a big way.

I am a continuous learner. I did exceptionally well at traditional learning. I didn’t want to be straitjacketed in a conventional, monotonous lifestyle. I wanted to travel, learn, grow, create, meet exciting people.

Today I am doing that.

Where have I been the past few weeks? Switching time zones, meeting digital nomads and entrepreneurs like myself. Living out the life I have designed for myself by the resources I mined as a creator.
Istanbul. Frankfurt. Austin.
Places. Ideas. People.
This is only the beginning. You can do it too. How?


The overeating, overshopping, not taking care of your health, the binge watching (though I do still struggle on and off with this one). I read, wrote and learned myself towards a better life. Yes, I know everyone can’t or won’t. But there are experts out there who are already doing things you haven’t even imagined possible for yourself. Because that’s someone else. They have less travel restrictions, more family money, you name it. Doesn’t happen overnight but it is a continuous process of evolution, of becoming the best version there is. In spirit, mind and body. Break free of these mindsets to become the most authentic you AND make money doing what you love.


Of course, you could always sell socks or the latest gadgets because they make excellent money. In fact, you may need to do that to have multiple revenue streams as you work on other things.

But what is your song in the world? Discover this by sampling life and all it has to offer. Exploring passions, speaking about your innermost desires, cultivating a knack to figure yourself out to see what resonates.


As a creator, there are opportunities available to you you never dreamt possible. Information from others may be great. But finding what fits requires shutting down where you are bleeding energy and resources. Whether its social media or toxic relationships or bad spending habits so you are always worried about money. And redirect that to figuring out others who are doing what you love and making a living. Then figure out what problem you can solve that the world needs a solution to and invest into actualizing that into a sellable solution. I teach what I wish I had known or could have figured out easily years ago.

That’s it for today. More on these aspects later.